An ongoing series

The Sun is Burning
London, 2021

The performer enters and lip syncs a passage she has written, read by someone else. Her expression is hopeful as she looks at the sun outside the window. The performer exits. 

Free Eyelid Surgery
Bali, 2021

The performer enters and rubs her eyes until double eyelid creases form. The performer exits. 

“My dad told me when he was a kid during the New Order he would rub his eyes until creases above his eyelids are formed, and would repeat this again when they disappeared. He did so to look more native Indonesian, in a period where the Chinese ethnic population were regarded as second class citizens.”

Bali, 2020

The performer enters and lays down on a bed. She positions a mirror projector in different parts of her body, exhibiting them onto a wall. The performer exits.

Scented Candle Ritual
Bali, 2020