Images by Kimberly Marie Chuang and Natalie Sasiprapa Organ

Maiden Rhythm

Duration approx 2 hours 30 minutes
London, 2023

Performed at A.P.T Gallery, London, as part of ‘This Is the House that Jack Built’, curated by No Man’s Land (NML)

‘Maiden Rhythm’ is a two-part story told through performance, set in motion by the artist’s relationship with intergenerational trauma and womanhood. Across the long duration of the performance, Kosasie emerges from embryo, to fetus, serpent, animal, before arriving at the final, two-legged form of a maiden, characterised by the sarong and corset. Kosasie explores the implications nurtured by the archaic patriarchal pillars, where the woman is either maiden, or wife; the woman is before, and after, marriage.

Maiden Rhythm was heavily informed by somatic schools of practices, such as Susan Sentler and Glenna Baston’s ‘f/old as a somatic/artistic practice’ and the Amerta Movement (elixir of life) founded by Prapto Suryodarmo. Maiden Rhythm is the successor of, the sister performance to, of ‘Phases of the Moon’.