Eat This!

6 minutes, 27 seconds
London, 2021

Eat This! is a performance video mourning the artist’s paternal grandparents. Having passed away in 2018 and 2019 respectively, Kosasie’s paternal grandparents are figures who fought through the Second World War, Indonesia’s independence, and the rise and fall of the New Order regime as 6th generation Chinese-Indonesians.

In Eat This! Kosasie consumes old images of her grandparents, found and sent by her father, who was sifting through family archives as a result of idleness from the pandemic. Kosasie commemorates them by - literally - embodying their spirits, struggling to emulsify the paper and ink to a pulp with saliva, teeth and tongue before she finally swallows them. Behind is a screen capture of a coding window, displaying a live display of an image of her grandparents being digitally manipulated. She interrupts the coding language on the left side with a mixture of gibberish, binary codes and coherent phrases as if to communicate something, such as “0001010” to “hello, are you here?”, only to result in the image becoming increasingly distorted.